Kensington International Travel Adapter - Grounded (3-Prong) with Dual USB Ports

Kensington International Travel Adapter - Grounded (3-Prong) with Dual USB Ports


ACCO Brands Corporation





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International travel adapter features a grounded, three-prong design to safely support your high-power devices while traveling abroad. Universal compatibility works with both grounded and ungrounded plugs to provide you with the safest way to connect in more than 200 countries worldwide. Its high-power output supplies up to 1575 watts to the most popular traveling device companions, including laptops, smartphones, shavers and more. The integrated, 2.4-amp USB ports provide fast simultaneous charging, even if another device is connected via the adapter at the same time. An internal fuse provides complete peace of mind, protecting your connected devices and their internal components from getting damaged due to an unexpected power surge. With retractable three-prong plugs, this sturdy yet lightweight adapter is your perfect travel companion.

  • Higher Power Output safely supplies up to 1575W to the most popular travelling devices
  • 3-Prong Grounded Adapter provides the safest way to charge your devices
  • Compatible with Grounded & Ungrounded Plugs


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