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Your compatible devices get even more with our Phone Sanitizer's built-in wireless charging pad. If your phone, phone case, earbuds or smartwatch supports the function, the included wireless charger makes it easy to get power back into your device fast. With a dedicated charging pad, there's no need to find the right cable or worry about slower charging from a low-amp wall charger every time you need power. Once you set your device on top of the Phone Sanitizer case, it gets the fastest charge it can handle ? from 10 W, 7.5 W or 5 W. The LED "breathes" to let you know it's charging. Features: Integrated UV LEDs to eliminate germs, viruses and bacteria, Built-in Qi?-certified 10-, 7.5- or 5-W wireless charger, Quick 5-minute cleaning cycle, Supports highly efficient charging with Quick Charge? (QC) technology, Acoustic signal that informs you when your device is clean, Works with any Apple iOS or Android? powered smartphone, Power supply and USB-C charging cable included, Status LEDs when sanitizing and charging, and Three-year warranty


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