VisionTek HDMI Pivot Cable 3 ft (M-M)
VisionTek HDMI Pivot Cable 3 ft (M-M)

VisionTek HDMI Pivot Cable 3 ft (M-M)


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The VisionTek 1 Meter 4K UHD High Speed HDMI to HDMI Pivot Cable is the high-performance cable you need to provide a direct link between HDMI-enabled devices such as DVD/Blu-ray™ players, HDTVs, stereo receivers and cable/satellite boxes.

180° Pivot for Ultra Low-Profile Connections
Connecting HDMI® cables behind components and wall mounted flatscreens can be challenging. Instead of severely bending cables, which can limit uselife and/or cause an unreliable signal, the VisionTek 1 Meter 4K Pivot Cable adapts to the angle of the needed connection for an easy hookup.

One Cable for All A/V Needs
The ultimate in cable management and cost-effectiveness! The VisionTek 1 Meter 4K Pivot Cable combines audio, video, and data streams into a single cable, so there's no need to buy and run separate cables. And, it offers an audio return channel so an HDMI-connected TV with a built-in tuner can send audio data "upstream" to a surround audio system.

High-Speed & High Resolution
With support for up to 4K UHD 4096 x 2160 resolution, up to 10.2Gb/s bandwidth, and up to 16-bit color depths, the VisionTek 3 Meter 4K Pivot Cable HDMI cables fully supports both today's and tomorrow's HD resolutions, frame rates and color accuracy.

Premium Construction for Maximum Signal Integrity
The VisionTek 1 Meter 4K Pivot Cable is engineered with the highest quality components and processes. High-purity internal copper construction delivers lower resistance and optimal signal integrity. Dual-layer shielding provides maximum interference protection. Gold-plated connectors resist corrosion to provide the longest lasting and highest-quality signal transmission.

  • Offers intense audio and video compatibility
  • With HDMI, transfer high-quality pictures and 3D sound effects simultaneously at a high-speed
  • The connector allows 180-degree swivel connectivity
  • Fully compatible with DVD players


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