9 Rules to Avoid Problems on the Internet
  • No financial institution or legitimate company will ask you to provide your personal information via email.


  • Even if a website address is secure and starts with https://, this does not automatically protect you from fraud. You could still be on a fraudster's site.


  • Do not disclose any personal information about yourself unless you are sure you know who you are talking to.


  • Never click on links sent to you in emails from people you do not know.


  • Always check the website address before doing anything and make sure it is the same as usual.

  • Conduct thorough research on companies that want to sell you something or tell you that you have won a prize.


  • When buying something, ask the seller to meet you in person.


  • If you have been robbed, regardless of the amount, immediately report the situation to your bank to cancel your cards.


  • Be wary of anything that seems unusual on the internet. If an offer seems too good to be true, it might be. Be cautious of phrases like "Limited offer," "You have won!", "Free with...", "Easy win of...", "Last chance!", "Exceptional offer!".

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