iPhone / iPad Repair

IPhone and iPad repair in Drummondville

We replace your phone screen the same day.

The iPhone is definitely the most popular product in the Apple brand. Occasionally, certain problems may arise with this product and it can be frustrating to have to travel far from home to get it repaired.

Lucky for you, at Microtec Informatique, being an Apple Authorized Service Center, we have every right to repair your iPhone by following Apple's policies to the letter. This means that we do both the warranty repair of your phone and the out-of-warranty repair. We can even fix your iPhone software problems.

How does it work? The answer is simple: You just have to come to the store and we will be able to perform a free basic diagnostic of your device. The certified technician will therefore be able to give you the facts and the best solutions available to you, while respecting Apple policies.

Please note that we are the Apple private clinic. This implies that certain fees may apply if we need to fix problems with your iPhone software. On the other hand, your device will be ready to be used quickly and you will avoid the trip and the wait at the Apple Store!

If your phone is under warranty, here is a list of reasons why your phone might be swapped out under warranty after Apple has completed the procedures to try to fix the issue:
Your screen no longer works and there is no sign of physical damage;
After restoring your iPhone completely, the phone keeps restarting on its own intermittently;
The SIM card is not recognized even after having changed it with your telephone provider;
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and / or cellular network problem;
Swelling of the battery;

** To be eligible for replacement of your device under warranty, the phone must show no evidence of liquid or physical damage **




Why have your device repaired at Microtec Informatique?

We are directly authorized by Apple to repair your products.

  • All our technicians are certified by Apple
  • You benefit from fast, efficient and quality service
  • Fast service
  • You encourage an SME and you contribute to the smooth running of our local economy
  • No appointment is required
  • You no longer have to travel around towns and wait long hours in an Apple Store


iPod Repair

If you have a problem with your iPod, you can go to Microtec Informatique to be able to diagnose your device for free. In the event that we identify a problem with the product software, it is possible to proceed with a complete iPod recovery.

If the restore does not work to fix the problem, the charge will not be applied and the iPod will be exchanged. If your product is still under warranty and it shows no accidental / physical damage, there will be no charge. If your iPod is out of warranty OR shows evidence of liquid and / or physical damage, there will be a charge for the exchange.

When your iPod is covered under the Apple Care Plus warranty, regardless of accidental damage, it will be replaced at a fraction of the cost.



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