Do you know ChatGPT



The word 'chat' refers to an online dialogue in which internet users exchange messages instantly. The term 'GPT' is an acronym for 'Generative Pre-trained Transformer.'

The AI was designed to interact with people and assist them in various ways. Its goal is to provide information, offer advice, answer questions, and engage in conversations on a variety of topics.

ChatGPT is capable of answering questions, holding conversations, generating computer code, and writing, translating, or synthesizing text. It can do so while considering context and constraints such as writing style. Paid versions provide access to the more advanced GPT-4 model as well as specialized conversational agents, and allow for image analysis and generation.


It remembers previous messages given to it by the user during the same conversation. It can answer test questions in a language very close to that of a human, or, depending on the question, with a level of performance surpassing that of an average human respondent.

It also has generative capabilities for producing customized textual content. The robot can generate articles, essays, or poems on different tones and subjects. It is also used to produce and correct computer code.

The ChatGPT mobile application integrates a voice recognition technology called Whisper, which allows for voice conversations with the robot.

Due to its multiple capabilities, the prototype raises concerns about the risks of misuse for malicious purposes, plagiarism in academic circles, and job displacements in certain sectors. ChatGPT also raises concerns regarding security and misinformation, as the model can be used to create false texts and misleading information.