What is Gemini AI?

Launched in December 2023 by Google DeepMind and Google Research, Gemini AI is a family of groundbreaking multimodal AI models. Drawing inspiration from human perception, Gemini can simultaneously process and understand various types of data, such as text, images, audio, and video.

Three versions for multiple applications:

Gemini Ultra: The most powerful version, designed for complex and multidimensional tasks. Integrated with Bard Advanced, it offers unprecedented reasoning and learning capabilities.

Gemini Pro: A balance between performance and efficiency, optimized for a wide range of applications. Already available in Bard for text prompts, it significantly enhances the accuracy and relevance of responses.

Gemini Nano: A miniaturized version for use on mobile devices. Available in two sizes and optimized for embedded hardware, it enables smooth and intuitive voice and gesture interactions.

A wide range of potentialities:

  • Improvement of Google Search: Offers richer contextual understanding and more accurate results by considering the multimodality of queries.
  • Creation of enriched content: Enables the generation of immersive and interactive multimedia content, such as illustrated blog articles, explanatory videos, or narrative podcasts.
  • Development of revolutionary applications: Provides innovative solutions in fields such as personalized medicine, immersive education, or assistance for people with disabilities.

A promising future?

Gemini AI represents a major breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence. Its ability to process and understand the world in a multimodal way paves the way for revolutionary new applications that will transform our daily lives.