What's Azure?

Azure is a cloud platform that provides everything a business needs to virtually manage part or all of its IT operations: servers, storage, databases, networks, analytics, and much more.

Azure AI, Microsoft Azure's artificial intelligence suite, offers a wide range of services and tools for developing AI-based solutions.

Here are some of the key services offered:

Azure Machine Learning: A cloud machine learning platform for creating, deploying, and managing machine learning models.

Azure Cognitive Services: A set of pre-built AI services that enable adding AI capabilities such as computer vision, natural language, speech, search, and discovery into applications.

Azure Bot Service: An intelligent, scalable chatbot development service for interacting with users naturally using AI.

Azure Databricks: A collaborative analytics platform based on Apache Spark for data processing and machine learning.

Azure Cognitive Search: A cloud search service that adds advanced search capabilities to your applications.

Azure Custom Vision: A service that allows creating custom computer vision models using your own images.

Azure Speech Services: Services that enable integrating speech recognition and speech synthesis into applications.

Azure Video Analyzer for Media: An AI-based video analysis service for extracting actionable insights from videos.

Azure Form Recognizer: A service that automates form classification and analysis to extract structured information.

These services enable developers and businesses to leverage artificial intelligence to create smarter applications, improve business processes, and innovate in various fields. Verify with your service provider to get it.